Councilman Voices Frustration Over Monument Removal Cost

By Elizabeth Ruiz

A San Antonio City Councilman has a lot of questions over the cost of removing the Monument to the Confederate War Dead from Travis Park.

Councilman Clayton Perry’s complaints come on the heels of reports that show the removal of the monument was much more expensive than the price tag quoted by City staff.

“If the process would have been followed, it would have been fleshed out” Perry told KTSA’s Trey Ware, still frustrated over the process of how the removal of the monument unfolded.

Listen to Trey’s entire interview of Clayton Perry

“What the historical significance would be… and then what to do with it…. where it would go…. how much it will cost” Perry said in recounting why he voted against its removal.

In the end, it cost the City double the originally quoted $150-thousand to remove the monument.

“I’m sure that’s probably not the end of it… if it indeed gets moved to another place or display… it’s going to cost additional money” Perry said.


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