County Preparing Priorities for Legislature

Bexar County Commissioners will discuss legislative priorities Tuesday morning.

And the message the county hopes to send to Austin: “It’s simply ‘don’t mess with us’,” Judge Nelson Wolff told KTSA News Monday.

“Leave us alone, don’t do us harm, we’re not asking for anything,” he said. “Quit putting mandates on us requiring us to spend more money while, at the same time, cutting revenue services.”

He said it’s a defensive approach for Bexar County ahead of the legislative session.

One proposed bill the county will push for is related to the expansion of I-35.

“My son, Commissioner Wolff, is working with the MPO here on a plan to do a managed lane, upper tier, all the way over to New Braunfels,” he said. “And then the Austin MPO is working on doing a managed lane all the way over to San Marcos, I think.”

He said the goal is to connect the two and it’s a regional effort the county supports.



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