Your Credit and the Race for President

Is your credit score a good indicator of who you’re supporting in the Race for President?

A new study has crunched the numbers.

“Hillary Clinton has the most supporters with bad credit. 26% of her supporters have bad credit” Wallethub’s Jill Gonzalez told KTSA News in describing the findings of the research, adding “She’s followed by supporters of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump respectively… with 22% and 20%.”

On the other end of the spectrum it looks as though Ohio’s Governor leads the way.

“The most of those people with excellent credit scores actually follow John Kasich… Marco Rubio in second” Gonzalez said.

So, where does that leave Ted Cruz’ backers?

“Ted Cruz has the most supporters in fair credit range… almost one ot of five of his” Gonzalez said.


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