Cruz Presses Call for Term Limits

Senator Ted Cruz says he’s doing his part to “drain the swamp.”

He’s proposing a constitutional amendment that would limit U.S. senators to two, six-year terms and representatives to three, two-year terms.

“That’s just one of the most effective ways to, as Donald Trump put it, drain the swamp and end the corruption,” Cruz said on the Trey Ware morning show.

He says a lot of well-meaning elected officials change when they get to Washngton, D.C. because they’re afraid of losing their jobs.

“When you’re afraid of losing your job, you’re unwilling to take on any of the major challenges in the country. You’re unwilling to face the problems because that involves risk,” he said.

Cruz claims even good politicians become corrupt.

“The special interests and lobbyists start giving their campaigns money and they become dependent on that,” said Cruz.

If approved by Congress, the proposed constitutional amendment would have to be ratified by three-fourths of the states.

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