Cruz Pressing Rivals to End Campaigns

Ted Cruz is looking to turn up the heat on fellow Presidential Candidates Marco Rubio and John Kasich–after what was a very rough Tuesday for the Texas Senator–and a very good one for Donald Trump.

“It is a simple question of math” Cruz said Wednesday–again urging Rubio and Kasich to drop their White House bids–and line up behind his Campaign.

“If a candidate does not have a path to the nomination–then it is time for that candidate to reflect prayerfully with their family whether there is a path forward” Cruz added, still seeing himself as the only candidate who can stop Donald Trump’s continuing rise.

“If you recognize–as 65 to 70% of Republicans do–that Donald (Trump) loses to Hillary (Clinton) in the General (Election), then I would encourage Republicans to come, and join the millions of conservatives who are coming together and unifying behind our Campaign” Cruz said.


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