Cruz Rallies Backers in S.A.

You can hear plenty of confidence from Ted Cruz and his supporters ahead of the “Super Tuesday” Primary in Texas.

“Especially in Texas–I’ve got a good feeling in Texas. I don’t know in the other states” said Real County GOP Chairman Jack DuBose, who traveled to San Antonio Monday Afternoon for Cruz’ rally in the Alamo City.

“We’re absolutely spiked about this” said one woman at the rally, which attracted some big name Cruz supporters as well.

“He’s got a reputation of doing exactly what he says he’s going to do” said former San Antonio City Councilman Carlton Soules.

State Senator Donna Campbell said she isn’t concerned about what the polls might be saying.

“What is a great measure is the momentum–and in Texas, the momentum is for Ted Cruz” Campbell said.

“It is very clear that the only campaign that can beat Donald Trump–and, in fact the only campaign that has beaten Donald Trump is our campaign” Cruz told reporters just ahead of the rally, adding “It is a fact that Donald Trump supported Jimmy Carter over Ronald Reagan. It is a fact that Donald Trump supported Hillary Clinton, and Chuck Schumer, and Harry Reid.”

Those sentiments were echoed by many Cruz backers.

“There’s only one person that will be a consistent Conservative in the White House” said former Texas Governor Rick Perry, who has since endorsed Cruz after dropping his own Presidential Campaign, current Governor Greg Abbott adding “There’s only one candidate left in the race who is a true Conservative.”



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