Cruz Touches on Familiar Themes in S.A.

He’s kept a low profile in the aftermath of the Republican National Convention–but the message from Senator Ted Cruz remains largely the same.

The Senator hit on a number of familiar themes during a speech before a San Antonio Chamber of Commerce breakfast event Wednesday Morning.

“In Texas, whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat–you understand freedom, and we need to protect the Bill of Rights” Cruz said, calling for more common sense in government.

“I believe that’s what the country is hungry for… is stop the nonsense and politics and silliness of Washington–and get back to the common sense principles of work and jobs and freedom and security” Cruz said.

The Senator also took time to hammer the Obama Administration on it’s push for more internet regulation–as well as the way in which it stands up to both ISIS and Iran.

“And by the way, taking on Iran doesn’t mean sending an unmarked cargo plane with $400-million in foreign currency to pay ransom for American hostages” Cruz said.



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