Cruz: U.S. benefits from fall of Iranian ‘homicidal, religious zealots and maniacs’

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is saying the protests in Iran are a good thing for the United States.

“We have a moment here that could be extraordinarily consequential,” the senator told KTSA’s Jack Riccardi¬†Wednesday.¬† “There would be no change on the international scene that would be better for U.S. national security interests than for the ayatollahs and the mullah to fall.”

Specifically, Cruz said it would bring a return to good relations with the theocratic nation.

“Return to a situation of Iran to being a friend to the United States rather than being led by homicidal, religious zealots and maniacs,” Cruz stated.

He also used the opportunity to talk about the protesters themselves — many risking their lives to push for freedom.

Cruz compared it to the Women’s March on Washington last year.

“You want to talk about bravery? Bravery is not walking around with a pink hat yelling at people,” the Texas Republican told Riccardi. “Bravery is standing in a public square saying ‘I, a woman, will not be repressed, will show my face in public’ and those women who are doing it are quite literally risking torture or death.”

The full interview is available below.

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