Cuellar, Doggett Renew Calls for Independent Trump Investigation

By Bill O’Neil

Two San Antonio Democrats in Congress have renewed their calls for an independent investigation in to any ties between President Donald Trump and Russia.

Amid reports the President may have tried to push the FBI in to dropping its investigation in to then National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, Congressman Henry Cuellar tweeted “The American people need an independent investigation to find the truth.”

Congressman Lloyd Doggett took his message tot he House Floor Wednesday–with much more pointed comments.

“With every day, we hear new cover up evidence. What could possibly explain the continued Republican silence… the callous indifference” Doggett asked.

“We can not let this go. History will be unkind to those who could not find their voice at this critical time in American history” Doggett said, throwing down a challenge to Republicans.

“Our Republican colleagues need to decide whether they want to be accessories to Trump’s obstruction of justice as he continues to endanger our national security” Doggett said, at one point telling Republicans to “Reject Putin… reject partisanship. Help restore confidence in our democracy by supporting an independent special counsel.”


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