Cuellar Joins Push to Continue Border Flights

Congressman Henry Cuellar, Senator John Cornyn, and Governor Greg Abbott are calling on Homeland Security to approve border flight hours.

It’s a program called Operation Phalanx, the National Guard’s aerial surveillance supporting Border Patrol.

“It is important to have eyes in the sky, the aerial support, so they can provide back up to our men and women, Border Patrol, on the ground,” Cuellar told KTSA News. “For some reason, Homeland Security, even though the money is available, has not made the request for those flight hours and, therefore, by the end of this month on December 31st, Operation Phalanx will go away.”

Unless, of course, the flight hours are approved between now and then. Cuellar thinks not approving those hours is wrong.

“They got the money and they ought to support their men and women on the ground,” he said.

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