Cuellar: Open Minded on Trump

He has an open mind–and would like to see the same from President Donald Trump.

So says Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar, who would like to see the President back away from his hard campaign stance of building a wall along the Southern Border.

“The men and women that secure our Border down there on the front line… he (President Trump) ought to listen to” the Congressman told KTSA News.

“I think that anybody that thinks that Mexico is going to pay for this quite honestly lives in a fantasy world” Cuellar said.

While many of his Democratic colleagues seem dug in to their opposition tot he new Administration, the Congressman said he could see himself working with the President under the right circumstances.

“If it’s something that he’s calling for bi-partisan support, I think they’ll find people like myself that will give him the benefit of the doubt” Cuellar said, adding “and if it’s something that makes sense… I will support it.”

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