DAPL “Protesters” Are The Worst Kind of Hypocrites

Good people can disagree about the Dakota Access Pipeline. No one can defend this.

We’re learning more by the hour about what an environmental disaster the “protesters” left behind in beautiful North Dakota.

“The Dakota Access Pipeline protesters left more behind than just piles of trash when they were booted from their makeshift camp: they left several dogs and puppies to fend for themselves, abandoned with the rest of their unwanted belongings.” (from Heatstreet.com and KFYR-TV)

And this:

“Since the protesters’ departure, authorities have been racing to clear the site of thousands of pounds of garbage and items left behind before the campsite fills with water, and runoff from the garbage leaks into the tribe’s water supply, and causes major environmental damage. It’s now clear, though, that some of that debris includes pets.

“Many of the dogs, Furry Friends say, have health issues, from cases of mange to ingrown toenails, to signs of hypothermia and frostbite from being kept at the camp during the frigid North Dakota winter.”  

By the way, you can help the Furry Friends Rockin Rescue folks right here.

So, their acting out damaged and threatened the local Sioux tribe’s settlement, and made hundreds of manhours of work for local authorities and volunteers. Hmm, kind of like when “protesters” invade a community, burn and loot its business district, and then leave economic misery in their wake.

And these jackwagons are the ones we should listen to about saving the planet?

Teddy Roosevelt first visited what was then the “Dakota Territory” in 1883, in search of bison and improving his fragile health. “It is certainly a most healthy life. How a man does sleep, and how he enjoys the coarse fare!” he would write.

Over the remainder of his days, he became a politician and a president, but he never stopped being a true naturalist.

“The nation behaves well if it treats natural resources as assets which it must turn over to the next generation increased, not impaired in value”


“Conservation means development as much as it does protection” 

The DAPL “protesters” flunk the Teddy Roosevelt test, big league.




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