Death Penalty Critics Lining Up at the State Capitol

Death penalty critics are lining up for a push in the Texas House of Representatives.

Among them–perhaps surprisingly–is North Texas Republican Jeff Leach–who wants to see changes made to the State’s “Law of Parties,” which allows those who are “parties to a crime resulting in a murder to be sentenced to death.

“I’m convinced that of we band together… Democrats, Republicans and Texans of all political stripes.. from all across this State… we can pass a good, sound, strong law of parties bill this session” Leach said at the State Capitol Monday ahead of hearings on a pair of death penalty-related bills sponsored by State Representative Harold Dutton.

“I do understand how a law like this (Law of Parties) can just tear our whole criminal justice fabric apart” Dutton said, detailing his bill calling for changes to the “Law of Parties.”

Separately, Dutton also is pushing for the complete abolition of the use of the death penalty in Texas.

“As time has moved forward, one of the things we have all come to realize is our criminal justice system is not perfect” Dutton said.

Both bills got hearings in the House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee Monday Afternoon.



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