Demand for Southside Improvements

Highland Oaks residents ask Bexar County Commissioner for better streets and services.

“The neighborhoods do not have adequate drainage or paved streets,” Bexar Organized Communities Area South’s Simon Martinez told KTSA News.

Highland Oaks is in south Bexar County. Martinez said residents hopes the roads would be fixed by now, but “the county has told them that they’re private roads, that the developer is responsible.”

The problem: “the developer is no longer around, he’s deceased.”

According to Martinez, the county has said they can’t do anything, but BOCAS thinks otherwise.

They want the county “to go out and take care of these individuals,” Martinez said. “There is a situation of urgent safety issues out there. Emergency vehicles can’t get in there, the school district buses cannot enter because they get stuck.”

They’re calling on county commissioners to take ownership of the streets.