Dems, GOP Voting in Primaries Today

Primaries in 5 states could mean the end to a couple of campaigns for the White House.

Mark Jones at Rice University says if you can’t win in your home state, there’s no clear path to winning the nomination. That’s why this is an important day for Ohio’s John Kasich and Florida’s Marco Rubio.

Jones tells us that if Rubio wins in Florida, he’ll stay in the race which could cause some issues for Donald Trump once the Republican Convention rolls around.

As far as Ted Cruz is concerned, Jones says the only strategy, other than winning, is that Rubio and Kasich win in their home states because that will keep those delegates away from Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are battling it out for delegates in 5 key states today.

Brandon Rottinghaus at the University of Houston says Hillary will struggle in states that are struggling economically like Ohio and Illinois. He says if Bernie Sanders can pull off victories there, he will collect a lot of delegates.

We asked Rottinghaus why the two Democrats spend so much time talking about Donald Trump. He says a lot of that is due to polls showing either one of them could beat Trump in a head to head race and they want to start running against him now.


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