Dems Take Aim at Julian Castro

It seems Republicans aren’t he only ones with some growing discord in their Presidential Race.

A number of groups of Progressive Democrats are raising questions over whether or not Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro really belongs in the conversation about the Party’s Presidential Ticket.

“He will increasingly become a toxic asset to any Presidential Ticket” Presente dot-org’s Matt Nelson told KTSA News, pointing to the Housing Crisis–and some recent actions taken by the Secretary–who has been allowing the sale of distressed mortgages back to big Wall Street banks.

“There are families life savings, these are people’s homes… they’re our communities” Nelson said.

Other Democrats however find the criticism–and online petition drive–offensive.

“These are Democrats… they’re doing the wrong thing… and, somebody needs to tell them” a disappointed Pete Gallego told KTSA News, adding “I think it’s a deliberate effort to make him look bad ahead of the Democratic Convention… and I think it’s very unfortunate.”

Gallego said it’s especially disappointing to see his fellow Democrats taking part in something he’d expect from Republicans.

“I have a hard time explaining to my son why I want to have anything to do with politics these days” Gallego said, chalking up the criticism of Castro from Democrats to messaging that’s “in vogue” right now.

All in all, Gallego expects the former San Antonio Mayor to come out oft he flap ok.

“My expectation is that he will survive this… frankly, I think he has a great shot at being the Vice-Presidential Nominee… and, I hope it works out for him” Gallego said.


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