Deportations Negatively Affecting TX Economy?

A new report says Donald Trump’s proposal to deport all unauthorized immigrants from the country would have a devastating effect on the American economy.

According to the study from the Center for American Progress, removing 7 million unauthorized immigrants from the U-S workforce would reduce the nation’s Gross Domestic Product by almost 5 trillion dollars over the next decade.

Tom Jawetz with the Center says the Texas economy, which has a significant number of unauthorized immigrants in its workforce, could shrink by 60 billion dollars over the same period.

“Thirteen percent of the state’s GDP that derived from construction would be lost, 10 percent of the state agricultural industry will be lost, and leisure and hospitality $6 billion annually would be lost. That’s 12 percent of the GDP from that one industry alone.”

Jawetz says industries such as manufacturing, mining and wholesale and retail trade would also be hard-hit, both across the country and in Texas. Unauthorized immigrants make up almost 9 percent of the Lone Star State’s workforce.



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