Differing Takes on Border Security

The U.S border with Mexico is often characterized as a dangerous place and Congressman Henry Cuellar says that’s not only not fair, it’s not true.

He cites new FBI Crime statistics that show violent crime rates in Texas border towns are actually lower than the crime rate in Washington D.C.

“The people who characterize the border as a violent crime ridden place often have never visited or lived there. Unfortunately, it’s often candidates for political office who claim it’s a dangerous place and that’s bad for businesses in that area.”

Cuellar gives the example of the murder in rates in Washington DC and Detroit. They are double the murder rates in Laredo, McAllen and Brownsville…..combined.

However, there are some new concerns being raised over just how secure the Border really is.

Lieutenant-Governor Dan Patrick is among those asking questions following the arrest of Silvestre-Franco-Luviano in Georgetown.

Franco-Luviano was wanted for two murders. We also know he was deported three times before those murders were committed in Dallas.

Patrick said the fact the 40-year old was able to get back across the Border so many times is an indictment of the Federal Government’s failure to secure the Southern Border.



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