Digging Resumes in Alamo Plaza

They’re digging in to history again in Alamo Plaza.

After a couple of wet days, researchers are back at work–searching for signs of the Alamo’s original south and west walls.

Much of the focus is being placed on the adobe bricks discovered last week–and whether those might in fact be a part of the original west wall.

“We are being very very very careful–and going very slow with our work… because we want to make sure we’re doing the very best job at being able to expose these” Researcher Kay Hindes said of the fragile bricks, adding that they will be covered back up once the project is complete.

“We certainly don’t want to disturb the existing remains… at this point in time, we will preserve those in place” Hindes said.

In the meantime, Hindes also said archaeologists have found items that can be dated to a number of different eras in San Antonio’s history.

“We have a few plaster fragments–some which have some remnants of paint on them. We have some square nails that would date to the 19th century” Hindes said, detailing some of the discoveries.

The research project is part of the effort to develop a new master plan for the Alamo Complex.



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