District 9 Candidates Debate

By Pilar Arias

San Antonio city council District 9 candidates John Courage and Marco Barros went head to head in the KTSA studio Wednesday during the Jack Riccardi show.

Listen to the full debate hereĀ 

Both men are looking to succeed Joe Krier to represent people living in the north side near Stone Oak and the San Antonio International Airport.

Barros and Courage both agreed there were public safety and infrastructure issues that needed to be addressed in the district.

They also each feel like they’re going to come out victorious on election day June 10.

“The majority of the homes that we’re visiting are supporting us,” Barros said.

“I personally have knocked on thousand of doors in the original part of this campaign effort. That’s why we came in a close second,” Courage said.

The candidates also agreed that issues such as airport noise and home valuations from the Bexar Appraisal District need to be looked at, though varied in their ways of planning to handle them should they be elected.

For more information about Courage, visit http://www.couragefor9.com/

For more information about Barros, visit http://www.marcoforcitycouncil.com/




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