Doggett: Russian Election Hacks Must be Reviewed

It’s time for critics to get over Donald Trump’s victory–the message from Democratic Congressman Lloyd Doggett–who also isn’t ready to let go of Russia’s attempts to influence the Presidential Election.

“I think it’s time for everybody to recognize Donald Trump won this Election” Doggett told KTSA News, adding “I’m not happy about it. I’m not happy with the direction that he’s (Trump) taken. But, that’s the way our Democracy works.”

Doggett is hoping the concern over Russia’s involvement in the U.S. Election won’t be dropped any time soon.

“I want a bi-partisan, independent commission that looks in to all aspects of this–and, how we can prevent it in the future” Doggett said, pointing a finger directly at the Russian Leader.

“As far as I’m concerned, Vladimir Putin heads a criminal enterprise called Russia” Doggett said.

The Congressman also said he can see a continuing pattern of this type of behavior from the Russians.

“I have sent he Russians involved in Estonia, in Ukraine… here. Now, there are German and French Elections coming up… using this as a tool to further their objectives” Doggett said.



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