Drawing Tourists from TX to Puerto Rico

Why not a vacation getaway in Puerto Rico?

That’s a question the Island’s tourism leaders are asking Texans during a visit to the Lone Star State this week.

“It’s very easy to get here” the Puerto Rico Tourism Company’s Deputy Executive Director of Marketing and Tourism Mari Jo Laborde told KTSA News, pointing to non-stop, round-trip airfares at less than $300 right now out of Houston.

“Mexico is a great place to visit–especially if you have family ties. But, if you’re looking for something new to do and different–and you want something that’s a family vacation… summer… the beach–Puerto Rico is really the best alternative in the Caribbean” Laborde said.

Other benefits include the ability to travel to Puerto Rico without having to get a U.S. Passport–as well as the fact the Island is ruled under American Federal Law and U.S. business standards.

Meanwhile, Laborde said much has been done to address those “safety” questions that were raised a number of years ago–giving the Island an unwanted reputation.

“The crime rate has been going down significantly over the last four or five years” Laborde said.

“In any State in the nation, you have certain areas where you have situations–but that happens everywhere in the world… no matter where you go. But in general, it’s very safe” said Puerto Rico Hotel & Tourism Association President and CEO Clarisa Jimenez.


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