Have you had enough to drink today?

You look a little thirsty. No, really, can I freshen that up for you? Get you another? Bring the bottle and a straw?

Wine drinkers are smug about how healthy their libations are. It’s all “flavonoids” and “anti-oxidants”. Yada yada yada. How ’bout a nice glass of pinot shutup?

Now it’s time for those of us who enjoy spirits to (old) crow a bit. Sprits. Booze. Alcohol. ¬†You know, something Bill Murray or Ron Burgundy would order. ¬†Because, apparently, needing a little spirit doesn’t just refer to the glee squad. There is a risk to drinking too LITTLE, just as our oenophile friends like to warn us about drinking too much.

Imagine a doctor having a serious talk about how you need to put down that water bottle, and start actually hitting the bottle?

So, a low-cut tumbler, ice with tongs, and something for my friend here, barkeep.


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