Environmentalists Frustrated Over President’s Apparent Climate Decision

By Bill O’Neil

Environmentalists in Texas are voicing their frustration over word President Trump will soon pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

“A horrible move… and I’m incredibly disappointed and discouraged if the reports are true” Luke Metzger with Environment Texas told KTSA News, adding “We really are ceding our leadership to other countries like China who are going to fill the void.”

The President has tweeted he will make an official announcement in the coming days. CBS News has already reported the White House has been informing allies of the decision to withdraw from the accords.

Metzger said Texas stands to lose a lot if the President does pull the U.S. out of the deal given the State’s leading role in wind power production.

“We have a lot to gain (by staying in the agreement) in terms of producing clean energy and exporting it to other places.. if we had stayed… we could have gotten a lot of benefit out of it” Metzger said.

Metzger also doesn’t put much stock in talk of the President’s willingness to renegotiate the agreement.

“We could have… and can still stay in the Paris Climate Accords and reduce what we had pledged to do in terms of pollution reduction. There’s no need to renegotiate it” Metzger said.


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