Ethics Reform Pushed at State Capitol

The push for ethics reform is again picking up steam at the State Capitol in Austin.

“At the end of the day, this is not Van Taylor’s bill, it’s not Greg Abbott’s bill, it’s not Dan Patrick’s bill–nor is it House Author Chairman Charlie Geren’s bill… this is the people’s bill” Republican State Senator Van Taylor said during a Wednesday Morning news conference at the State Capitol.

“If we fail again, what’s at stake is not just this bill–but, the people’s trust–which is at the heart of our democracy” Taylor said.

The measure sets out a number of changes–ranging from the automatic booting out of office of convicted politicians, to new disclosure and lobbying reporting requirements. It also aims to create a clearer line between politicians and lobbyists.

“To tighten up on the use of campaign funds to start a lobby practice… should have been done a long time ago” Democratic State Senator John Whitmire said. He is among the many supporters of the push from both sides of the political aisle. Others supporting the effort include Governor Greg Abbott and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick.

“Ethics is not a partisan issue” Whitmire added.


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