Is Everyone Going To Lose Their Mind Before This Is Over?

Should we blame Facebook or thank Facebook? I’m asking.

Does it seem to you like we are watching our fellow Americans’ cheese slide off the cracker these days?

Tonight, I read about a state representative from Maine, who probably has a whole bunch of Maine-related issues he should be dealing with. Instead he posted a rambling, semi-coherent screed against President Trump.

Remember the old days when Democrats said Republicans would kill all of us?

Now, it seems, some Dems have homicidal fantasies of their own. I’m assuming that’s what his “within 10 feet” bit is about. Unless he’s threatening to carry out a citizen’s impeachment or something.

We all know what happens next. The red and blue tribes whoop it up, slap on some warpaint, and either there’s an insincerely-tweeted apology, or someone ups the ante with a counter-threat against Maine’s answer to Michael Moore.

[Update: we already got the insincere apology]

Back to my question—were we always like this, and Facebook puts it on display? Or are we going slow-motion bat-bleep crazy because Facebook gives us an audience worth playing to? In the pre-FB days, what recourse did our hyper-opinionated solon have? An angry pamphlet?

Last time I checked, there were 732 investigations of every Trump family member except Barron, and I’m all for putting anyone in orange jumpsuits who committed a crime. If anyone did.

I’m pretty sure that, with the fired FBI director’s BFF as the special counsel, if anyone is indictable, they’ll be doing the perp-walk boogie sooner or later.

We finally have the “most transparent administration in history”—everything leaks out.

Trump couldn’t have less confidentiality if he hired Edward Snowden to be his chief of staff.

I hear the leaks are so bad, Chelsea Manning was caught sneaking classified materials INTO the White House.

As a palate-cleanser, this political hack from the Pine Tree State found time to threaten the journalist who got hold of his manifesto, too.

What comes of all this? Which side, if either, disarms its social media launchers first?

I wonder: what would have to befall us to even temporarily interrupt this madness?




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