If Everything Is A “Crisis”, Then Nothing Is: White House Edition

We need a 30-day moratorium on comparing anything to “Watergate”.

For starters.

And if you’re tempted to ” go there” with terms like “dictatorship”, ask someone who lived under one. It will be illustrative.

To simplify, it’s not a “crisis”, a “coup” or “terrifying” when someone you didn’t vote for wins, and does stuff you sure as heck wouldn’t have done. Winning matters. You need to win.

(Although Maxine Waters finally admitted today that she would’ve been cool with Hillary firing Comey. Just not the Donald)

As for the winner, Mr. President, ¬†could I drop these in the ol’ suggestion box?

  • It seemed like a good idea to surround yourself in D.C. with people you trusted in your business life, but you’re being poorly served by your son-in-law and some of these other Manhattan elites. Get yourself some deplorables and put your loved ones on the Acela heading north. You know what you were elected to do, but they don’t. They are not “street” enough to drain the swamp, and you need to stop listening to them. Trade Ivanka and Jared for Melania and Barron. The base didn’t elect your family, they elected you.
  • Also, your White House leaks like a sieve. At first I thought it was rookie blunders, but now I think sabotage. Better tighten that up, or you know the old saying about “loose lips”.
  • You had a good case for firing Comey, a bipartisan one, in fact. But the way you did it, from the timing to the humiliation of the director learning of it from a news broadcast while he was giving a speech, made it look personal and small. People I met today at my bank and stores, who are not news junkies, just figure you were a jerk about it. They need to understand what you’re doing, and why.
  • You are a potent, persuasive voice for your agenda, as is the V.P. But the people you hired to do comms are the worst I’ve ever seen. Spicer, for example. They may be nice, and you may be loyal, but they’re killing you, Smalls.
  • Remember when every day brought news of a factory expansion, job repatriation, a new energy project? Those were your best days. Get back to them.
  • Tweet purposefully. If it’s late at night or early in the morning, sleep on it. Ask yourself: what would Mike Pence do?


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