What, Exactly, Are You Protesting Now?

Usually, I can tell from reading the signs. I’m clever that way.

But people rioting and blocking highway traffic in Austin and elsewhere, in “protest” of Trump’s election…what in the wild world of sports are you protesting?

We had an election, and he won. What part of that chafes?

Did you vote? So did other people. Elections don’t work like participation trophies.

Are you disappointed/surprised by the outcome? All of us are, sometimes. It’s a survivable condition.

Do you doubt or fear his capability to govern? You might have to manage that fear, kind of like I’ve managed mine for the last eight years.

Is it because he’s said some crass things? It seems to me that you can find many people saying far worse, more openly, and not only are you not protesting them, you’re probably buying their product, wearing their image and insisting that we revere their “artistry”. Where’d you pick up this sudden puritanical streak, champ?

So, spare me.

Right here is when someone shrills about “the right” they have to protest, because “it’s still America!”

Here’s the deal: your right to protest stops at the point you prevent a woman from getting to a job interview or a man from making it to a medical appointment, or a student trying to get to class.

Speaking of class, have some. Were you one of the pious lecturers who said the current prez was never given a chance by those who opposed him? Are you setting a better example right now?

Ruining other peoples’ day because Trump ruined your night is such a lame-ass move.

My favorite irony of the week, is the newly-energized “Calexit” movement. One tweet:

Racism, sexism, queerphobia, transphobia, classism, ableism. If all of this makes American ‘great’ again, then we are not America. #CalExit

When Texans broach the topic of secession, there’s a bleepstorm of outrage and name-calling, but when California’s dreamin’ of it, it’s a beautiful thing, man!

I’ve heard and read social media folks bleating, post election, about everything from the return of slavery to the eradication of same-sex marriage—it reads like so much dread-porn, because the man elected Tuesday night neither has the power nor has expressed the slightest inclination to do either of those things, or 99 other “My fear is…” items.

Gawdalmighty, at least read the Constitution so you don’t sound so ignorant.

Your marching in the streets isn’t going to undo his election, and, really, would you want to live in a country where that’s how it worked?

Your unhappiness might have something to do with your ready availability to be in the streets.

Try getting a job. Now, a word of warning: it will cut into your protest time, bigly.

But working would do wonders for your obvious lack of perspective, and might make you less afraid of what a politician can give or take from you.



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