What to Expect from Comey’s Testimony?

By Don Morgan

The controversy surrounding former FBI Director James Comey comes to a head today as he testifies in front the Senate Intelligence Committee.

We asked University of Houston Political Science Professor Brandon Rottinghaus what we can expect today.

“He will be as guarded as he can be with what he says in that the consequences are quite high.”

While Comey is testifying, President Trump will be speaking before a conservative group and Rottinghaus says that’s not a coincidence.

“You’ve got an episode happening or an issue occurring in one part of the country that may be damaging to him. The President during the campaign and while he’s been in office has had this kind of counter programming where he’s had somebody else try to produce a new narrative.”

He says the smoking gun during Comey’s testimony will come when the subject of Michael Flynn, the former National security Advisor is brought up.

“If he were to reveal that there was some obstruction of justice in a way that can be proven, then that would be the President committing obstruction of justice and that would be impeachable.”

Rottinghaus says depending on what Comey has to say, this could all be much ado about nothing.



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