Expert Confident Trump’s Travel Order Will Stay in Place

By Bill O’Neil

An expert on law and terrorism is convinced the United States Supreme Court made the right call on President Trump’s travel order.

“The rule of law is very clear. The President has this authority” said Jeffrey Addicott, the Director of the Saint Mary’s University School of Law’s Center for Terrorism Law.

The Justices will fully review the order during their next term–but for now, the vast majority of it has been allowed to take effect.

“This is not a homeland for countries that are known to be harborers of terrorism–this is a homeland for Americans” Addicott told KTSA News, voicing his agreement with the High Court’s decision.

In the end, Addicott is convinced the Supreme Court will allow the President’s order to stand–potentially clearing the way for similar, additional orders.

“I predict when the Court does review this as a full matter, they will vindicate the rule of law–which means President Trump is absolutely 100% correct in his assessment that he has this authority” Addicottt said.


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