Expert: No Terror Impact in Iran Deals

One terrorism expert says the President is naive if he thinks the Iranians are going to follow through on this agreement.

“I think he’s naive in believing the Iranians are going to follow through beyond, probably, the next six months,” St. Mary’s University terrorism expert Jeffrey Addicott told KTSA News.

After six months, he said, Iran will go back to its old ways.

“They have not changed their spots or their stripes,” he said. “They still chant ‘Death to America,’ they’re still extremely belligerent, they’re still the number one terrorist nation in the world, and clearly they did what they had to do to have the sanctions lifted and get the billion-plus dollars into their government.”

He said there’s little impact on the war on terror in that region.

“We are diluting ourselves to think they have changed to any degree, they clearly just did this for the money.”

Addicott said it’s still an unstable region that will get worse.


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