Fast-Rising Colorado River Causing Problems in La Grange

By Don Morgan

The Colorado River is cresting at levels not seen in a century and that’s causing some problems in La Grange.

We talked to Janet Carrigan, she’s the Emergency Management Coordinator for Fayette County.

“The last time the river got to this level was 1918 so we had a 5,000 year flood in less than 100.”

She says they were able to get the word out early enough so that most of the people living along the river were able to get out on time.

She says while they’ve had no fatalities, they have been busy with water rescues including a couple of long term care facilities for the elderly.

The problem La Grange will have now that the Colorado has crested is that there is such a heavy flow of water it’s going to be days before it recedes.

In the meantime, getting help into La Grange will be tough as the floods have basically turned the town into an island with the major roads underwater.



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