Feds: Homelessness Falling in Texas

New numbers from the Federal Government suggest some big progress has been made in the continuing fight against homelessness in Texas.

Many activists–including the Texas Homeless Network’s Eric Samuels said they’ve done a better job at getting cash–and using it to get those in need in to permanent housing–as opposed to shelters.

“Because they’re doing that–and because they’re directing their funding toward those programs, we’re getting people out of homelessness faster” Samuels said.

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, homelessness in Texas is down by about 42% since 2007. Part of that could be what has been a 70% increase in federal funding for programs aimed at helping the homeless since 2005.

Samuels said those in the fight are doing a better job at addressing the chronic conditions that seem to keep many people in a pattern of homelessness.

“One of the disabling conditions often is a mental illness. The news there is good because we are getting a lot of those folks off the street” Samuels said.

Going forward, Samuels is convinced they are on the right track–even though there’s a lot more to still be done.

“I think we just need to keep up the effort from our local communities and our governmental officials in regard to this emphasis on ending homelessness for all groups” Samuels said, listing veterans and the chronically homeless among those groups that need a special focus.


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