Feds Bring Push to Hire Vets to S.A.

The Federal push to hire more military veterans comes to the Alamo City.

“It’s a big issue, but it’s also a big opportunity” said Acting United States Office of Personnel Management Director Beth Cobert, speaking with KTSA News ahead of a Thursday luncheon in San Antonio.

“We are looking for veterans all across the Federal Government” Cobert said, pointing to a wide array of opportunities.

“We need folks in the health services arena. We need many different kinds of things… law enforcement, etc” Cobert said.

Cobert said she can see a difference.

“2009, 24% of new hires in the Federal workforce were veterans–In 2014, that number was 33%” Cobert said, holding up San Antonio as an example of that success.

“In San Antonio–just to give you an example–veterans are 58% of the Federal workforce in San Antonio” Cobert said.