Fiesta Poster Depicts Mexican Folkloric Dancer

A Mexican Folkloric dancer performing above San Antonio’s skyline is depicted in the Fiesta 2017 poster.

Therese Spina of New Braunfels created the winning artwork, which is on T-shirts, pins, Fiesta medals, mouse pads, jewelry and more.

“The whole idea behind Fiesta is fun, beauty, color and movement,” she said at the big reveal Thursday night at the Witte Museum.

Spina is from New York, but she’s lived in the San Antonio area since she was in the Air Force.

Her artwork was selected from more than 20 entries in this year’s Fiesta poster contest. She researched dance costumes from various regions of Mexico and decided on the colorful Chiapas dress.

“She’s stepping over the skyline. Like the big Godzilla thing, she takes over San Antonio,” said Spina.

Fiesta will take over San Antonio April 20-30.

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