Fight Over Controversial Textbook Continues

Advocates and educators plan to go before the Texas State Board of Education this week to demand they reject a controversial Mexican-American studies textbook.

The group wants to prevent the book from ever making it into a Texas classroom, saying it is riddled with errors, deeply offensive, and presents a distorted picture of Mexican-Americans.

Board member Ruben Cortez Jr. of Brownsville, who led a panel of scholars who analyzed the text, says he backs teaching Mexican-American studies in Texas schools, but not with this book.

Cortez says panel members not only found more than 140 factual errors in the text of “Mexican-American Heritage” but also discovered several references they considered racist.

The book was proposed by publisher Virginia Dunbar, a former board member, who defended the text, saying her company did not consult Mexican-American scholars in order to avoid bias.

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