Filmmakers Call for Case to Be Tossed

A call for the case to be dropped from the lawyers for two filmmakers indicted in Houston after trying to prove Planned Parenthood is selling body parts.

“They’ve exposed an organization that is clearly trafficking in baby body parts” said attorney Jared Woodfill, describing the pair as “modern day heroes.”

“Our Attorney General has recognized that (Planned Parenthood selling body parts), our Lieutenant Governor has recognized that–and called for a Senate Committee to investigate it. Unfortunately, we have a grand jury here in Harris County that has failed to recognize that” Woodfill said, calling on Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson to drop the case.

“And that we allow the Governor, we allow the Lieutenant Governor, and we allow the Attorney General to move forward with their investigations, and another grand jury look at the tapes and evaluate the conduct of Planned Parenthood” Woodfill said.

Fellow attorney Terry Yates called the grand jury that indicted the pair questionable.

“This was a holdover grand jury from the final term of 2015 which is unusual” Yates said, adding “And then for a grand jury… to actually indict the witnesses is very, very unusual.”


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