Final Pre-Election Day Push for Local Dems, GOP

It’s the final push before election day.

Both local parties are ready.

Bexar County Republican Party Chairman Robert Stovall: “I’m very excited about finishing this thing out.”

Bexar County Democratic Party Chairman Manuel Medina: “I feel like winning and everything is certainly headed in that direction.”

Medina remains confident.

“I mean, the more people vote, obviously, it’s good for Democrats,” Medina said. “If you look into the details of who is actually voting today, more women, more young people, more Hispanics, all demographics that lean Democrat so that’s a good sign for us.”

And Stovall said he’s ready to make the final pitch to votes on election day.

“Much anticipation is what we’re all kind of living at this point, and waiting for the hours to go until 7-o-clock Tuesday night,” he said.

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