FISAgate: Not Sure If the Allegation is Crazy, or The Denial

I have no idea if President Trump is on to something—or on something—in claiming that President Obama had his phones tapped at Trump Tower.

There are many questions: Does Trump have proof? Did Obama seek a FISA authorization? If so, with what evidence did he persuade the court? Is the Obama camp’s very narrow denial of the story a clue that the wiretapping may have happened at someone else’s behest? And so forth. Many more questions that can, and will, be asked.

Let’s make an important point here: President Trump has to be careful. This is not just politics. If there was a wiretap, for his sake it had better be illegal, or have exonerated his supposed connections to Russia. Because a properly-obtained order could mean where there has been smoke, there is now fire.

But what does NOT make sense is the narrative that this could not have happened the way Trump describes. It is not at all credible for Team Obama to claim that they “never” would do it. It’s just their style of executive branch abuse:

  • Team Obama wiretapped members of the media, including Fox News’ James Rosen and CBS’ Sharyl Atkisson
  • They weaponized the IRS to target conservative advocacy groups
  • They funneled cash to the leading state sponsor of terrorism, Iran
  • They walked weapons across the southern border to Mexican drug cartels
  • They lied about, and spread false blame for, Benghazi
  • Their DNI, James Clapper, lied (and got caught lying) about NSA surveillance of innocent Americans

The list could be much longer, but you get the idea.

So, maybe they did nothing untoward about the then candidate or president-elect. Maybe.

But as for them being above reproach—don’t make me laugh.



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