Five Years Later: Joshua Davis Jr

Pleading for anyone who may know something to come forward to help solve a five year mystery.

New Braunfels Police still don’t know where young Joshua Davis Jr is. Joshua was 18 months old when he went missing from his Savannah Hill Circle home, that was five years ago.

“We really want to get this case solved,” New Braunfels Police Spokesman David Ferguson said. “We’re practically begging for help in trying to get this case solved.”

Ferguson said it’s been an exhaustive investigation with a lot of man hours, investigators are still working the case today. Investigators have determined young Joshua did not walk away from the home and he was not abducted.

“We believe that the family and those that were in the house that night have not been fully truthful with the information about the events of that night,” Ferguson said.

Police say the evidence indicates that Joshua is most likely dead.

“Don’t put it out there that he’s deceased,” Joshua’s grandmother Natalie Vargas pleaded, outside the NB Police Department. “So now people have stopped looking for him, people have stopped having hope.”

“I mean, I think of him all the time,” an emotional Sabrina Benitez told reporters about her son. “I did nothing wrong to him. I miss him.”

Police said drugs were inside the home at the time Joshua went missing and those inside the home spent time cleaning up and getting rid of those drugs before reporting to police that the child was missing.

“We always hope that baby Josh is alive,” NBPD’s Ferguson said. “We would love to be wrong.”


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