Fixing What Isn’t Broken at “CBS Evening News”

The New York Post broke the story that CBS News is shuffling anchorman Scott Pelley over to “60 Minutes”, taking him off “Evening News”, where he replaced Katie Couric in 2011.

I’m old enough to remember when getting on “60 Minutes” was a promotion, not a booby prize.

But whatever’s going on behind the scenes at CBS News, I’m pretty sure Scott Pelley wasn’t their main problem, if a problem at all.

Pelley, who grew up a stone’s throw from KTSA on Austin Highway, is more than solid on air, is an actual reporter, and I can attest to his humility and genuine nature.

At a public meet-and-greet we did with him in Cleveland last year, he couldn’t have been more gracious and patient with a long line of people who wanted to meet him. A long line. He took just as much time with the last person in the line as with the first.

Radio guys generally don’t know much about TV, but if you ask me, CBS News’ problem is fake news, not the wrong anchorman. Stop running unsubstantiated, “leaked”, anonymously-sourced gossip under the rubric of “news”. Stop labeling everything a “scandal”, “crisis” and “chaos”.

If you’re losing money or ratings, or both, it’s because you’re losing credibility.

Blaming the guy at the desk avoids all the decisions being made in that newsroom behind it, and those offices upstairs.

Moving Scott Pelley buys you a little time, but only a little.

Just my opinion.




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