FL Zika Cases an Eye Opener for S.A.

It may not be a game-changer–but the first locally transmitted cases of the Zika Virus in the Untied States in Florida are certainly an eye opener for the San Antonio area.

“If you are not traveling out of the country–especially to Latin America–don’t worry about Zika” Metro Health’s Dr. Anil Mangla told KTSA News, underscoring the point there are no signs of the virus in the local mosquito population.

In fact, Mangla said the population of the specific type of mosquito that carries Zika has been shrinking in recent weeks around San Antonio.

“We just mapped yesterday–and that number has gone down to 17%–and that’s because of the lack of rain and things like that” Mangla said, adding everyone should really feel relatively secure from Zika in and around Bexar County right now–though he also won’t be surprised if we eventually see some local transmission of the virus here.

“The mosquito is not going to get here. The mosquito can’t fly that far. The host is a human, the vextor is a human–so, the human is going to bring it to San Antonio” Mangla said, adding “In the meantime, go outside, enjoy yourself, just make sure you use Deet.”


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