TX Firm Leads Football Helmet Suit

A Texas law firm files a lawsuit against the NCAA, big conferences, and helmet maker Riddell.

“We’re filing on behalf of two groups: former college players and former high school players who played college or high school football,” Attorney Vinnie Circelli of Circelli, Walter & Young, PLLC told KTSA News.

He said the NCAA and Riddell knew about the dangers of concussions and long-term brain injuries “and they, either one, failed to protect the players, in the case of the NCAA, they failed to follow through with rule changes, with warnings, with disclosures to the players that could have prevented these injuries,” he said.

In the case of Riddell, Circelli said that company introduced a helmet that was supposed to be safer, but the federal government and Riddell agreed to change the marketing of that product.

“Because the marketing was misleading,” he said. “In fact, it did not reduce significantly the amount of concussions that players could suffer.”

The suits seek damages for health care costs, lost wages, and other personal injury damages. The lawsuits are being filed in federal courts in Indiana, the home of the NCAA, and in California, home of Riddell. 




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