Ford Addresses Police SUV Issues

By Pilar Arias

Ford Motor Company is taking action to address the concerns of first responders driving Ford Police Interceptor Utility Vehicles.

Hau Thai-Tang, the executive vice president of product development and purchasing, released this video

“When police departments routinely install customized emergency lighting, radios and other equipment, they have to drill access holes for wiring into the rear of the vehicle. These modifications are common but if not properly sealed, these openings could allow exhaust gases to enter the vehicle’s cabin,” Thai-Tang said.

Thai-Tang said the company is offering to cover the cost of repairs to vehicles believed to be impacted by carbon monoxide issues regardless of vehicle mileage, age or modifications.

Ford will continue investigating all reports from its police customers, including the exhaust manifold issue referenced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Just last week the Austin Police Department ordered all 439 of its Ford Explorer SUVs off the road.



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