Frustration Over Air Force Missteps With Church Shooter

By Don Morgan

A lot of frustration from concerned Americans about how the Sutherland Springs shooter was able to legally buy guns, after a dishonorable discharge form the Air Force.

Jeff Addicott is a Terrorism Law Professor, he says this proves the military needs to have a better system of checks when reporting information about soldiers discharged for bad conduct and committing acts of violence.

“We need to demand accountability. This should be traced back to whoever dropped the ball on this should pay a price.”

Addicott says in many cases we have laws in place to address the concerns we all have and in this case we discovered we don’t need new laws, we just need to enforce the laws that we do have.

The Professor says a criminal with the intent to get a gun is going to get one but he certainly shouldn’t be allowed to get one legally


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