Funny Moment: Coming Clean About Washing Dogs


After a Saturday afternoon of washing other peoples’ dogs, I’m convinced that I’d better keep my fulltime gig.

But a small, funny moment from our 2nd annual “Poochamania” event at the S.A. Humane Society:

A gentleman and his teenaged son strolled up to me with their dog, we all shook hands/paws and met, and as we arranged to commence the dog-washing, the dad told me that he felt he had to come out to see “if you really were going to be doing it”.

As in, he’d heard me yakking it up the event on the radio, but would I actually be sudsing up the puppies (which I know sounds like code for something… untoward…)? Or was I taking liberties with the language?

I had to see if you really were going to be doing it.

In a subtle way, it reminded me that more people are really kicking the tires and taking the “show-me” approach to all sorts of things, even something as silly as celebrity dog washing. Are you talking the talk or walking the walk (or dog)?

It’s a good thing. The skepticism, I mean. More of that, please.

Not the dog washing, which was just so-so.

(Note: Dog in photo crossed the “rainbow bridge” last year, but I thought she’d like being in this blog)


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