Garcia: Immigration Fight Goes On

The non-decision changes nothing.

The word from the Chair of the Texas Senate’s Hispanic Caucus after a 4 to 4 vote among U.S. Supreme Court Justices leaves President Barack Obama’s controversial executive order blocking the deportation of millions of illegal immigrants fully blocked.

“This is not the last we’ve heard about this. This is not the final word” Houston State Senator Sylvia Garcia told KTSA News.

While she admitted the non-decision is something of a moral victory for Governor Greg Abbott and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton–both of whom were instrumental in challenging the order–Garcia said there is much more at stake.

“It’s about people who have deep roots in this country–that really consider this their country” Garcia said, adding “They wave the flag in their hearts and minds and souls–they’re American.”

In a statement, Paxton called the ruling “a victory for the rule of law.”

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