Gas Prices Trickling Down in S.A.

Still going down–but the rate at which pump prices across the Alamo City is falling has slowed considerably over the last couple of weeks.

Gasbuddy dot-com’s Patrick DeHaan told KTSA News much of it has to do with what is now a strengthening crude oil market–amid more talk of production cuts to help ease what has been a continuing supply glut.

That glut has kept downward pressure on prices at the pump for months.

“In fact, we may see a minor uptick in San Antonio this week as a result of oil prices rising” DeHaan said, quickly adding the long-term prognosis remains the same.

“I do think we will spend much more time with gas prices under $2 per gallon as we finish the summer driving season and head in to the fall and winter compared to what we saw last year” DeHaan said.

So, what does that mean for your Labor Day Weekend travel plans?

“I would say some (price) stability between now and then–barring any major hurricane that could disrupt the production of oil” DeHaan said.



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