Getting Rid of Reince Isn’t The Big Story. Hiring Kelly Is.

Half or more of the continental US is now within range of North Korea’s nuclear madman.

Most cities and states no longer have operational fallout shelters or plans for a nuke attack.

If you think any of the other rings in the current Washington circus are more important than this, you need to clear your head.

Yes, there is a gusher of leaks coming out of this White House, and the President seems to be surrounded by players not up to the moment. The leaks, and the petty apple-polishing by Trump aides, endanger national security and give our allies pause.

These missile launches, Friday and on July 4th, are game changers.

So, too, is the decision to bring in General John Kelly, a native of the no-nonsense Brighton neighborhood of Boston, as new chief of staff.

In one move, the President moves a key and valued military adviser closer to him. And unleashes a pragmatic Marine on this undisciplined team that won the 2016 election but is losing 2017 these days. General Kelly is just what this country needs, right where this country needs him.

North Korea has its game changers.

President Donald Trump now has one of his own.




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