Bill Nye Open to Criminal Charges

Watch what you say America!  Agree or you will be jailed.  This is the ultimate conclusion to all the shaming that has gone on by these so-called “movements.”  Your very words will be the thing that lands you not only on the wrong side of history, but eventually in jail.  All totalitarian regimes have done this to their citizens.  Is the US headed that way? What is this, 1933 in Germany?

Those who insist it exists leave no room for argument, and hate those who do. “It’s a been a steamroller of one direction, and you either are onboard or your inferior,” says Bill Taylor, chief meterologist at KENS 5 TV. “This is science. You have to look at both sides. You have to prove [climate change] first off.”

There may be a lot of people on this planet, but how can we be the ones responsible? We’re giving ourselves WAY too much credit if we think we’re the ones causing damage to the planet.


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